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Digital release: 29th May 2014

Independent CD release: 18th September 2014

1. The Crimson Tide [16:28]

2. The Emigrant [8:35]

3. Iolaire [8:34]

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1. The Crimson Tide

(Music and lyrics by Dòmhnall Alasdair)

All across the breadth of this land

Sorrow is carried on the wind

Over the windswept moors

Upon the eagle's wings

It grows out of the earth

Where once the grass grew green

It taints the crisp, cool water

That flows in the lochs and the streams

Countless hearts that never will love

The sound of ocean on sand

Tongues that never will speak

The fair speech of this land

Blood drained from the soil

And stained the ocean red

Till little remained in this place

But the restless souls of the dead

And only when more waves have broken

Upon this ill-fated shore

Than tears fell upon this cursed soil

On that dreadful winter's night

Only then will the wounds start to heal

And new life be born once again

Only then will the light of the sun

Once more caress this bleak, barren moor

Only then ...

They came down to the shore that day

As dawn broke black over the land

They watched the crimson tide wash in

Next to the deadly rocks of Holm

Home, upon this shore

Home, forever more

Home, where ghosts now roam the barren moors

And the living crumble to ash

2. The Emigrant

(Music and lyrics by Dòmhnall Alasdair)

Onwards ...

The rain falls hard

The wind blows strong

A ship sailing slowly across the sea

Onwards through the night

A night so dark

A night so black

Filled with the memories that remain

Of home so far behind

The ocean is wide

The ocean is deep

A man passing slowly over the waves

Searching for a light of hope

Hope so faint

Hope so sweet

A promise of new life carrying him away

Towards a distant shore

Searching ...

3. Iolaire

(Music by Dòmhnall Alasdair)